Friday, November 19, 2010

What Can Over Confidence Can Bring Harm for You

Dear Fellow Friends

Today I want to share my own experience of act of 'Over Confidence' and The Result.

Just few days before of Eid-al-Adha on 13th November, 2010 I was in road.

Everyone, who is my very nearest personals (Who Know Me From My Childhood) knows that I am near expert of Tackle or Manage any Bull, which might be unknown to me.

They day I said before, I went a shop near my home to buy something for me. There I found a Big Bull, about tons of wight (Which bought for Eid-al-Adha) was out of control who purchased it from temporary market (We Call this Type of Temporary Market as 'Hut') and taking it to home. On the way it goes out of control and it was so wild that he was destroying almost everything in front of him. As my normal behaver, I run to bull and try to start make the bull under control.

It took about 30 min for me to make this bull as friend. At that moment, he was very nice and friendly with me. To give him more confidence that he safe, I expend approximately 15 more minute with playing with him. After that I handover my new friends to it's new owner. It was too emotional time, I could understand he wants me to go with him. But all knows it's no possible.

After handover the bull to it's owner I done my job in shop and start to back my home. At near of my home's door, I found another bull, this was smaller then which I managed just few minutes back. It was also behaving more less like the previous Big Bull. On that time I was too much Confident that to manage this small bull is a child play to me.

I start going near the bull, but my 6th sense was telling something is wrong. As I am going near, start talking with the bull on soft voice, the bull was going wild more and more. I was really surprised to see this behavior of this bull but my over confidence make everything out of my mind. With soft voice I go near the bull's body and found it attacked me furiously. I couldn't move myself on that much speed, actually I was not at that mode that the bull will directly attack me. I felt on road. Everything become Black.

When I wakeup, I found myself on hospital's ICU room. Nobody around me and I could feel the pain in lower belly. I was some kind of surprised to see myself there. After some time I could remember what happen. As nobody is around me, I could think myself alone and start thinking why the bull react on that way.

After few minute, I found what was wrong. As I spend a lot of time with the bigger Bull, all my body and dress was smalling with previous bull and the bull which hit me took me as another Bull and competitor of him and directly attack on that way.

Result? 2 Days of Hospital Bed and It all was happen for My Over Confidence, not Only Confidence.

To my Fellow Friends:

Be Confident what You are Doing but Not be Over Confident, Over Confidence will make your brain frozen.

Written by

Ahamed Bauani

Freelance IT Consultant

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Above Content was Taken From: Confidence is Good but Over Confidence will Send You Hospital