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Get Good Sniper Fire in Call of Duty 4 - wikiHow

How to Get Good Sniper Fire in Call of Duty 4

This guide will tell you how to be an excellent sniper and how to get more kills in The game Call of Duty 4.  Read on and become a Master Sniper!


Test out each sniper rifle as they are unlocked, stick with which sniper rifle you are able to shoot moving targets the best with. Recommended: M40A3 [The most commonly used sniper rifle]


Pros: High Power and Accuracy, Low Recoil Cons: Delay between shots [Not all shots will be one-shot kills]

M21 Sniper System - Recommended for Hardcore Variants

Pros: Semi-Auto, Good Accuracy and Low Recoil Cons: Low-Medium Power, Most players will become agitated upon being killed by the M21


Pros: Semi-Auto, Medium-High Power Cons: High Recoil


Pros: High Power and Accuracy Cons: Medium-High Recoil, 4 bullet chamber compared to 5 on the M40A3

Barrett .50cal

Pros: Semi-Auto, High Power Cons: Low-Medium Recoil

===Recommend Class for Regular Gametypes===

M40A3 [No Attachment/Any Camo] USP .45 (If you have fast trigger fingers)/Desert Eagle

Perk 1: Claymores/Bandolier Perk 2: Stopping Power [Note: Overkill is commonly used, however the likelihood of a one shot kill is reduced-If using Overkill, a Silenced SMG is recommended] Perk 3: Deep Impact/Iron Lungs/Steady Aim

===Recommended Class for Hardcore Variants===

M21 [No Attachment/Digital Camo] USP .45

Perk 1: Claymores/Bondolier Perk 2: Overkill with Any Assault Rifle (recommended) or SMG Perk 3:Steady Aim/Deep Impact

No Scoping

No scoping is killing an enemy without aiming down the scope (hip-fire)

A typical no-scoping class consists of any sniper rifle (generally either M40A3 or Barrett .50cal), ACOG Scope Attachment, and Steady Aim.

No scoping may save your life in a CQC situation.

===The Use of Juggernaut, Last Stand, and Martydom===

The use of Juggernaut, Last Stand, or Martydom on a sniper class is heavily frowned upon by the sniping community. They create no advantages for the sniper, however agravates the attacker.

Frag x3 is also frowned upon on a sniper class, or in any class in general


Although these semi auto rifles are easier to use, once one has mastered the M40A3 and the R700, you will find their superior fire power one ups the ability to spam with another rifle, after all, it should only take one hit to kill right?
Learn to jump shoot, although "bunny hopping" is frowned apon, its a very usefull tactic while sniping. Example: You are crouched and or standing behind a wall, and the enemey is a bit off looking at you through it, a quick jump then crouch shot will take him out fast and effectivly.
Most people say camping is okay when you're a sniper, that's completly false. you always want to base yourself on the one spot on kill idea. if you're attacking a group, IE 3-4 then obviously you can try and hold your ground, but people know a good sniper is deadly, and will go right back at him, they do get to see where you are when they die, even without killcam they get a quick glance.
The pistol is possibly your best friend, the degal is more powerful, but when you're raiding a building to get into a position, the USP .45 is really effective, it can fire off all its shots in a matter of milliseconds with a super accuracy.
Do not go to the well known spots. If it looks like a really good sniper spot, it probably isn't. People get to learn these maps and know all the popular positions, as a sniper, you want to go to less suspecting areas. Sure, it's okay to climp onto the 3rd floor on crash and cap a few guys, but it's probably going to be the first place they look when they hear/die from sniper fire.
Remember the second you just put the scope to eye, your aim will be exactly in middle of the screen. After a while, try sniping without holding your breath, this will make you a much for efficient sniper and makes for possibilities like sniping medium range. Warning, may be really hard to master. sniper pro


  • Sniping on a map such as Vacant or Killhouse is generally not recommended. However a experienced sniper can easily get many kills scoping at close ranges. Somewhat recommended for Search and Destroy.

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