Thursday, October 23, 2008

Moneybookers Account: Online Payment System for Bangladesh

If you looking for another Online Payment System which Support Bangladesh to Transfer Your Money to Anyone in World, Moneybookers.Com is for you. If you didn't yet use PayPal but looking for a solution to make your Payment or Receive your Payment Online, You can Signup with Moneybookers, Your wallet for the internet. Either shopping or sending money worldwide.


online earn said...

how about alert pay ??

online earn said...

how about alertpay ??

Anonymous said...

Can I send money from money bookers to my Islami bank bangladesh ltd. account?

bathmate said...

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Nick Matyas said...

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cikpogodi said...

Wow moneybookers is just what I needed. Tnx

Shakhawat said...

How can I get a payoneer card? and how can i receive money from moneybooker by the card? as I have some payment in money booker?

Freelance IT Consultant said...

Yes, You can send balance of your money bookers account to your Islami Bank, Bangladesh. Bangladesh Bank, The Central Bank of our country recently modify some rules, which allow you to send and receive money over Internet. But it is still under process. Please check the FAQ Section on Moneybookers Website.

Bauani said...

You ask a lot of information on your comments. Let me answer one by one.

First of all you can't get a Payoneer Card Directly from there website. They have some partners, specially for freelancer or small business holder. First you have to Signup with one of their partner. To know more details you can visit their FAQ here

Regarding the transfer of Moneybooker balance to your payoneer Card, you can do it. First include your payoneer debit card on Moneybooker account and easily transfer balance on your Card.

The information above is as per my knowledge. Regarding both Payoneer Card and Moneybooker account. I will suggest you to visit there website for more details and most updated information.

Hope you will find my answer useful. Please keep in touch and take care.

If you still have problem on any kind of which is related to Internet, just let me know. Hope I can solve it.

Ahamed Bauani
Freelancer IT Consultant
Specially work for Complex & Customize Internet Routing in both IPv4 & IPv6

Xahid said...

Please read my post about money booker here

Hope you find some solution here.

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Anonymous said...

I recently have bought some moneybookers from someone in dhaka. I need more moneybookers. If anyone wish to exchange moneybookers with me for cash, please contact me via email at sakbd dot 2010 at gmail dot com

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tamimshikder said...

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Medical World said...

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